Rapid Adventure Game Development

What is RAGD?

RAGD [rag'id] stands for Rapid Adventure Game Development. It is a tool which is used to create an adventure game. A game developer can use the graphical development environment to specify all the game objects. These game objects are scenes, characters, items and interactive areas in the background, denoted as hot areas. Describing these objects can be achieved by specifying what they look like, what can be done with them and how they interact with the user. Using the information provided by the developer, an XML description of the game is created. This XML description can then be translated into a specific implementation which can be compiled and/or run using the correct engine. This translation is achieved with an XSL stylesheet. At this point, the only engine supported is IndianaJava Multiplatform Adventure Game Engine. More implementations are planned for the future.

I should mention that RAGD was my final year project for my Computer Science Degree at Trinity College in Dublin. With my degree now completed I plan to continue development on the tool on a fulltime basis, at least for the short term. The tool is currently not ready to be used in the production of a game, however in the meantime I shall try to make some sort of preview available and keep the site up to date as regards documentation and the like.

Latest Developments

November 26th 2005 - Project On Hold

Personal Update

If the lack of activity here hadn't given you a clue, there hasn't been a whole lot of progress made on RAGD. In fact it's been a little less than a year since I've last done any development work on the project. I was making some good progress though, almost able to fully describe a working game and translate it into an IndyJava game. I was working on conversations and I was really pleased with the results.

Unfortunately, I started working in October of last year and between work and commuting to and from work, I found I had no time to continue working on RAGD. I have since finished my year long contract and I'm now on a trip to New Zealand. (If you happen to be interested, I'm keeping an online journal of sorts about my trip). So, RAGD will see no progress for at least the next six months and possibly for the next nine months. However, when I do return home, I'm entertaining great hopes of getting some work done on it, to a point where I will be happy to release at least something along with the source code.

For the time being though I'm afraid that there will be no activity here.

September 10th 2004 - Tentative Roadmap

Development Diary

Well work has been continuing as I detailed in a recent entry of my Development Diary, "Progress is Good." I've also created a tentative roadmap, meaning that I'm hoping to be able to stick to it. For the time being, I'll leave it in the "Conversations and Roadmaps" entry and maybe next week, create an actual page by which stage I'll know how tentative it is.

September 1st 2004 - Work Recommences

Development Diary

Work recommenced today on RAGD. I've detailed what I did in a new diary entry, entitled "At least it's a start!" If you haven't already seen it, I added another entry a while back, "More Delays," but didn't want to advertise it, due to the fact I hadn't done any work on the project.

June 24th 2004 - Developer's Diary and Project Report


I have added a Developer's Diary to the Forums and plan to enter lengthy updates on the progress of development on a regular basis. The first entry is now available.

As my degree is now finished, I no longer feel the need to keep hidden my project report. It was a bit of a rush job unfortunately and so remains in its first draft. However, there is some useful information in it and if you are interested especially in what I have planned for the tool, then the chapter on Conclusions will be of particular note. Whilst I cut out the appendix with the source code and one or two other things, it still comes in at around 100 pages, so it's a reasonable download at just over 1MB. I have added it to the Documentation page.

June 19th 2004 - Good News

Personal Update

Ok, some good news. First off, got my results for my degree and passed with second degree honours, which I am more than happy with. Secondly and more importantly, my laptop is fixed, so I am hoping to start development of RAGD again, in the next few days.

June 7th 2004 - Exams and Degree Over

Personal Update

I finished my exams last Friday and with them over, my degree is now completed. The next week will be spent setting various different things in order, one of the most important priorities being getting my laptop fixed, as it is the computer I develop on. After that is done, I will be continuing development of RAGD.

May 1st 2004 - Report Finished


Well, the major news is that I have finished my final year project report. It was printed on Thursday and given in yesterday, a couple of hours before the deadline. I'll add it to the site at some later date. My main priority now is studying for and then doing my exams. After that, I'm looking forward to getting back to working on RAGD.

Once again updated the links section, as I suddenly remembered that Chuck Productions were no longer actually developing STACK and had long since moved to AGAST to make their game Patrimonium. Vulcan Edit, also appears to have gone the way of the dodo. Whilst it didn't appear to be in development any longer, I still added the link, but even the page no longer exists now. Finally, fixed some problems with the site's display in Internet Explorer.

April 19th 2004 - Updates to Website and Progress Report


Made a few updates to the links page, added a list of independent and underground games that I am interested in and added a few other links besides. Also found a nice small message board called PunBB and added it to the site, notice the addition of Forums to the nav bar.

As far as progress on the project goes, it's been fairly slow on the report front, but things are advancing now, so looking better at meeting the April 30th deadline. Also spent some time at the weekend getting the needed libraries installed for Windows, which wasn't so much fun. Eventually got them working and RAGD compiled, though there are still a couple of issues as was to be expected I guess.

April 2nd 2004 - RAGD Website goes live.


Threw together some sort of website, to provide some information about RAGD. Worthy of looking at are the screenshots and the project proposal which gives some more detail about the idea of RAGD. I'm not sure about the colour scheme, but it is quick, cheap and cheerful. The site is stuck with it for the time being.

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